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International relations

Department of International Relations was established in January 2000, with the aim to develop the scientific, research and educational activity of the Academy. The department also coordinates the Academy’s own international activity and assists the subsidiaries.

The Russian Academy of Justice is an active member of international collaboration. European Commission, Council of Europe, French Embassy in Russia, British Council, Russian-American Judicial Partnership, German Fund for International Judicial Co-operation and Russian-Canadian Judicial Partnership are among permanent international partners.

The Academy is a signatory to a number of cooperation agreements with international organizations. The most fruitful results are achieved together with: law faculty of the University of Belgrade, law faculty of the The University of Cologne, Paris West University Nanterre La Défense, Ikh Zasag International University named after Chinggis Khaan, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Emory University (USA) and law faculty of University of San Diego (USA). The scope of the agreements includes international traineeship of students and attraction of foreign professors to the educational process.

Together with the foreign partners the Academy has held a great number of international seminars and conferences. Representatives of the Academy took part in international conferences in Chisinau (Moldova), Strasbourg (France), Budapest (Hungary), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Paris (France), Prague (the Czech Republic), Karlsruhe (FRG), Stuttgart (FRG), Munich (FRG) and Luxemburg.

The Academy’s delegations have studied training systems for judges and lawyers at National Masters School of France, Federal Judicial Center in the USA, National Center for State Courts in the USA, The National Judicial College in the USA, Judges Training Center in the Netherlands, Spanish Judicial School, Judges Training Center in Portugal, German Judicial Academy, Judicial Studies Council in the UK, High Magistracy Council in Italy, European Academy for Law and Legislation and many others.