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Study process

The Federal State-Funded Educational Institution «Russian Academy of Justice»

The Russian Academy of Justice is a law school with a range of curricula for vocational secondary education, higher education and pre-higher education. Practicing lawyers, judges and prominent scientists teach our students various areas and specializations, which keeps the students informed of the most urgent issues in legal practice.

The Russian Academy of Justice has its own scientific school and is proud to be considered one of the most authoritative law schools in Russia. The Academy steadily heads the list of Russian law schools ratings.

The current development of legal education in Russia depends on raising the level of judiciary staff training, thus attracting attention of the state to specialsts with higher legal education.

The Academy is well-equipped: it has library, computer classrooms, free Wifi access points, reading-hall and two canteens.

The main feature of the Academy, distinguishing it from other Russian law schools, is its activity in the shpere of further training of judges and judiciary staff, as well as training of newly appointed judges.

The Academy has been operating for more than 14 years and has gained extensive experience.

Now more than 18,000 students are getting higher legal and economic education and 5,000 students have chosen the vocational secondary education in the Academy and its subsidiaries.

The education received in the Academy will provide for fundamental theoretical training and opportunities to take part in various international educational programs, extend and refine knowledge in the chosen area, gain skills crucial for legal practice, such as legal assistance at trials and drafting papers.

Our students undertake an internship in commercial and general jurisdiction courts, prosecutor’s offices, Department of the Federal Tax Service and Federal Anti-Monopoly Service.

Those with distinguishing results do an internship in the Constitutional Court of RF, the Supreme Court of RF and the Supreme Commercial Court of RF, in the office of Commissioner for human rights, Central Office of the State Duma.

Annual measures taken by the Academy contribute to job referral. 90% of the alumni work in the profession, 27% of them in Russian judicial system..

Modern legal education: getting education in RAJ

The main spheres in demand are covered by the curricula of:

Vocational Secondary Education:

Law and social security (after school, 9 grades)

Land and property relations (after school, 9 grades)

Higher Vocational Education:

Bachelor of Jurisprudence (after college or school)

Bachelor of Management (after college)

Master’s program in Law covers 8 areas in demand:

  • Commercial disputes

  • Intellectual property

  • Civil, criminal and administrative proceddings

Together with the Commissioner for Human Rights and the Supreme Court, the Academy holds an academic competition in law “Femida” for those wishing to enter the law faculty.

In collaboration with the University of London, the Academy conducts international law programs and an academic competition in law.

Each student has the right to get external education in the University of London. The Academy is a repeated winner of Jessup Competition.

The law faculty and the Academy itself were also awarded with “Femida”, “Justice” and other prizes.

The full-time students are eligible for deferred military service and education at the Department of Military Training. The Department of Military Training provides training of specialists in law for court martials.

For those who intend to get legal education in Moscow and in other cities of Russia, a virtual library environment has been launched.